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Breitling Endurance Pro Ironman watch (one designed specifically for triathletes)

Back in 2019, Breitling partnered with Ironman to launch a limited-edition Superocean watch. The Ironman is a famously grueling triathlon that has produced champions for many years, but also fostered feelings associated with powerlessness. Yesterday, the set unveiled another collaboration within Los Angeles, unveiling the Endurance Pro Ironman watch through the brand's professional line. Even though two products are debuting, just the red version as well available to the general public, while the some other black and gold version will simply be available to those who have finished the Ironman triathlon, with a measly 2 . 4-mile go swimming, 112-mile bike race, along with a 26. 2 mile operate (I read about 40, 000 people participate each year).

We've looked over Endurance Pro in depth several times, so I'll give you a short background here. Part of the Expert Series, the Endurance Pro case is made from the brand’s proprietary Breitlight polymer, that is three times lighter than ti and nearly six occasions lighter than steel, whilst being stronger than each. The fact that the case weighs thirty-five grams and the rubber band itself weighs 30 grms shows just how light it really is.

Measuring 44mm wide and 12. 5mm thick, the Endurance Professional Ironman is 100M water-repellant and powered by Breitling’s in-house thermally compensated SuperQuartz (COSC certified) Caliber 82 movement. It is a 1/10 2nd chronograph with a 30 moment counter and is one of the few HAQ (High Accuracy Quartz) actions on the market.

When it comes to two new Endurance Pro Ironman watches, the first is the model with a red obliquity dial with black features and the Ironman logo within the 6 o'clock counter. It is about with a matching red rubberized strap that says " IRONMAN" instead of the usual " BREITLING" text. Red is really a rather bold color option, although gradient effects are very popular.

The 2nd model is called the Stamina Pro Ironman Finisher, and it is only for people who finish the actual race. Honestly, this is a quite bad-looking watch, and its access requirements enhance how poor it is. The black switch with gold accents is actually mysterious and exudes the wonder of the finish line. Naturally , the words " Finisher Series" are engraved on the back side of the watch. I think the Strength Pro Ironman Finisher is the greatest in terms of design and appearance. I suppose there will inevitably be a scenario - let's call this stolen courage - wherever someone buys a Terminator second hand (or even more nefariously, since this is clearly a***d unscrupulous person). I say for them: Shame!

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