Match Preview for Meizhou Hakka vs Changchun Yatai (170 อ่าน)

8 ส.ค. 2566 11:28

Match Preview for Meizhou Hakka vs Changchun Yatai

Last season, Changchun Yatai finished in the 13th position, but this year, despite a promising start, things seem to be slipping out of their control as they currently sit in the 9th position.

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Specifically, the away team has gone 7 matches across all competitions without a win, drawing 5 and losing 2. Their away record is particularly concerning, with no wins in their last 5 matches.

On the other side of the field, Meizhou Hakka is also facing significant disappointment, especially after a recent 1-6 loss to Shandong Taishan. However, their home record has been relatively stable, with 3 wins in their last 4 matches.

In their two previous encounters in 2022 and 2023, Meizhou Hakka emerged victorious in both matches against Changchun Yatai. With a better current form, the home team is likely to find joy in this match as well.

Betting Odds:

Asian Handicap: Despite both teams struggling at the moment, the home advantage and a better recent head-to-head record make Meizhou Hakka a brighter choice for investors in this match. Choice: Meizhou Hakka (0) for the whole match.

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Over/Under Odds: Both teams have displayed decent attacking capabilities this season, with Meizhou Hakka averaging 1.4 goals per match and Changchun Yatai averaging 1.6. Furthermore, the most recent encounter between these two clubs saw 6 goals scored. Given this, the Over option is likely to come into play. Choice: Over 2 3/4 for the whole match.

Score Prediction: Meizhou Hakka 2-1 Changchun Yatai

Betting Predictions:

Asian Handicap: Choose Meizhou Hakka.

Over/Under: Choose Over.

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