Analysis of KuPS vs. VPS Vaasa Match (99 อ่าน)

8 ก.ค. 2566 17:08

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<p dir="ltr">Analysis of KuPS vs. VPS Vaasa Match

<p dir="ltr">KuPS currently sits at the top of the table, but it's worth noting that their lead over second-placed Seinajoki is just 3 points, and they have played two more matches. Therefore, KuPS will find it difficult to maintain their position at the top if their opponents play their remaining matches and they are certainly the underdogs in the title race.

<p dir="ltr">Of course, coach Honkavaara's team understands their position, and to maintain their ranking, they need a victory against VPS Vaasa in tonight's match in the 16th round of the Finnish Premier League. Fairly enough, this is an achievable task as they play at home and are in***d form.

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It's important to note that KuPS has secured 4 wins in their last 5 matches. Specifically, at home, KuPS has won 6 out of their last 7 matches across all competitions. On the other hand, their opponent, VPS Vaasa, has been in poor form, losing 5 out of their last 6 matches in the Finnish Premier League.

<p dir="ltr">In addition to their inferior form, VPS Vaasa also trails significantly in the head-to-head record. They have lost 6 times and only managed 1 draw in their last 7 encounters with KuPS. It is evident that VPS Vaasa is not a team capable of taking points away from KuPS.

<p dir="ltr">Asian Handicap analysis (0:3/4): KuPS has been showing a devastating form at home, winning 6 out of their last 7 matches. Considering the Asian Handicap, they are trustworthy with a record of winning the handicap in 5 out of the 7 matches mentioned above. As for VPS Vaasa, the away team has lost the handicap in 5 out of their last 6 matches. Selection: KuPS.

<p dir="ltr">Total Goals (Over/Under) analysis (2 3/4): Recent encounters between KuPS and VPS Vaasa have often resulted in a scarcity of goals. Specifically, in the last 3 matches between the two teams, there have been no more than 2 goals scored per match. Selection: Under.

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<p dir="ltr">Asian Handicap selection: KuPS -3/4

<p dir="ltr">Total Goals selection: Under 2 3/4

<p dir="ltr">Score prediction: KuPS 2-0 VPS Vaasa

<p dir="ltr">Analysis of FC Haka vs. Inter Turku Match

<p dir="ltr">Asian Handicap analysis: 1/4:0

<p dir="ltr">FC Haka has only lost once in their last 7 encounters with Inter Turku. At home, FC Haka is a reliable team when it comes to Asian Handicap betting, with 10 wins and 5 losses in their last 17 matches across all competitions. On the other hand, Inter Turku has only won once in their last 5 matches and raises doubts when it comes to choosing them. Selection: FC Haka.

<p dir="ltr">Total Goals (Over/Under) analysis: 2 1/2

<p dir="ltr">In the last 8 meetings between Inter Turku and FC Haka, there have been no more than 2 goals scored per match. In FC Haka's last 4 matches, 3 of them have had a total score of under 2 1/2. Selection: Under.

<p dir="ltr">Score prediction: FC Haka 1-1 Inter Turku

<p dir="ltr">Asian Handicap selection: FC Haka to win the handicap

<p dir="ltr">Total Goals selection: Under

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