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Analysis and Odds for U17 Afghanistan vs U17 Qatar, 21:00 on June 22 - Matchday 3 of Group B in the 2023 AFC U17 Championship. Predictions and analysis of the handicap and over/under odds for the match between U17 Afghanistan and U17 Qatar by top experts.


Before the start of Matchday 3 in Group B of the 2023 AFC U17 Championship, U17 Afghanistan has earned 1 point less than U17 Qatar. Specifically, U17 Afghanistan has yet to earn any points, while U17 Qatar has 1 point.

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U17 Qatar obtained their point from a goalless draw against U17 Iran a few days ago. Prior to that, U17 Qatar suffered a heavy 1-6 defeat against U17 South Korea.

Meanwhile, U17 Afghanistan has lost both of their matches. They were defeated 1-6 by U17 Iran and suffered a 4-goal deficit against U17 South Korea.

Therefore, U17 Afghanistan is already mathematically eliminated from the group stage. U17 Qatar has not been eliminated yet, but they no longer have control over their fate. If U17 South Korea and U17 Iran draw in their simultaneous match, U17 Qatar's efforts will become meaningless.

Handicap Analysis

The recent results and performances indicate that U17 Afghanistan is one of the lowest-quality teams in the 2023 AFC U17 Championship. U17 Afghanistan has only scored 1 goal but conceded a total of 10 goals.

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On the other hand, U17 Afghanistan has little motivation left as they are already eliminated. This team is expected to suffer a defeat by a margin of at least 3 goals against a determined U17 Qatar.

Over/Under Analysis

Both of U17 Afghanistan's matches since the start of the 2023 AFC U17 Championship have seen at least 4 goals. U17 Afghanistan has conceded 4 or more goals in both of their matches played in Thailand. Therefore, investors can rely on a scenario of a high-scoring match when U17 Afghanistan faces U17 Qatar.

Score Prediction: U17 Afghanistan 1-4 U17 Qatar

Asian Handicap Pick: U17 Qatar

Over/Under Pick: Over

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