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  How to Play 3-Way Handicap Betting (277 อ่าน)

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Hello everyone, the major football seasons are heating up, and the football betting market is heating up as well. Currently, there are many types of bets in the betting market, and some of you may have explored and learned about various types of bets, but there are also those who are not aware of the diversity of football betting options. Today, wintips will help you explore a very interesting bet, which is the 3-way handicap betting (3W Handicap). It sounds enticing already, so let's find out more.

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What is 3-Way Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is an extremely appealing form of betting that many people love. This is the type of football bet where to win, your bet must meet the odds set by the bookmakers.

3-Way Handicap betting, also known as 3-Way Handicap or 3W Handicap, originates from Asian handicap betting. This 3-Way Handicap is quite unique, as it does not follow the usual rules of traditional football betting handicaps like 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75, but instead rounds the handicaps to 1, 2, 3, and so on.

The rules of 3-Way Handicap betting are similar to handicap betting, meaning that you will base your bets on the odds provided by the bookmakers to maximize your potential winnings. Odds, or the odds ratio, represent the payout ratio that each bettor receives when winning a bet with a particular bookmaker. From there, you can choose any type of bet to place based on your predictions.

How to Read and Play 3-Way Handicap Betting

Playing 3-Way Handicap betting is not too difficult for newcomers. Playing 3-Way Handicap betting is similar to playing regular handicap betting, with bets for halftime and full-match outcomes. However, many bettors still struggle to find the correct and desired playing method.

How to Calculate Winnings in 3-Way Handicap Betting

Usually, the calculation of winnings is managed by the bookmakers. However, I will also share the formula for calculating winnings when you win a 3-Way Handicap bet so that you can estimate the amount you could potentially receive and make more informed decisions before placing your bets.

The specific formula is as follows:

Winnings = Amount of your bet x 3-Way Handicap odds provided by the bookmaker.

Experience playing 3-way handicap betting from seasoned veterans

Tips and experiences shared by long-time experts are the golden keys that can help newcomers easily approach handicap betting. Like other types of betting, 3-way handicap betting (3W Handicap) also requires understanding some basic playing tips. Through these tips, your chances of making accurate predictions and winning rewards will increase, reducing potential losses from unsuccessful bets.

Here are some experiences shared by experts in the world of sports betting.

Join betting at reputable bookmakers

Before placing your bets, you need to choose highly reputable and trusted bookmakers. This will help you avoid being scammed or missing out on your winnings when participating in unreliable platforms.

Next, you should compare the odds offered by different bookmakers for the same match. From there, you can select the bookmaker with the best odds for 3-way handicap betting.

Maintain stable psychological state when betting

Your psychological state is always a crucial factor that affects decision-making. Therefore, before placing your bets, analyze each match carefully and make your own choices. Avoid being influenced by other players or people around you.

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Know how to choose suitable matches

The probability and betting odds of each match differ. Therefore, you should choose matches that you believe have the highest probability of winning. Select matches with a significant difference between the two teams to minimize the risk of losing bets.

Learn to manage your bankroll

When participating in betting, you are not only placing bets on a single match but multiple matches, so it's important to know how to manage your bankroll. This helps minimize the risk of losses. If you lose in one match, you can compensate with the winnings from another match. Therefore, you need to know how to control your capital in the most reasonable way. Here are some suggestions for managing your bankroll:

Set a maximum total amount of money you allow yourself to bet in a day.

Set a maximum amount of money you allocate for each bet.

Set a minimum amount of money you allow yourself to lose.

Have a clear understanding of the real situation

Before teams compete, you should pay attention to external factors that can potentially affect their performance. Therefore, analyze and thoroughly evaluate the real situation of each team before the match based on the following criteria:

Recent performance of each team and individual players (at least the last 5 matches).

Injured players or players with suspended bookings who cannot participate in the match.

Coaches who have received red cards and are unable to be on the sideline.

Clubs or players experiencing psychological or mental issues.

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The above information provides specific and useful insights that I share with you. I hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of 3-way handicap betting (3W Handicap) and enhance your chances of winning when playing online football betting.

reborn reborn

reborn reborn


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Sawyer Loss


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