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Temperature control

As mentioned above, bamboo naturally works to regulate temperature constantly. It reduces heat by its natural breathability, and by wicking away sweat, it reduces the humidity under the blankets in half.

In turn, that helps to keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool when it’s hot. Using a bamboo duvet cover means there’s one less thing to worry about when the seasons change.


Bamboo stalks grow at a much faster rate than other natural resources like cotton. That means that harvesting this plant to create bedding isn’t depleting resources due to the plant’s sustainable nature. Additionally, 100% bamboo products can be appropriately disposed of to benefit the Earth.

What to look for in a quality bamboo duvet cover Size

There are bamboo duvet covers that fit all sizes ranging from the smallest twin comforter to a California king. However, you should measure out your bedding to ensure that it’ll fit snugly to prevent any excess space within the cover.

This is to prevent it from folding over on itself and creating an uncomfortable situation. You can find some products that have corner ties if you find that your comforter is too small compared to the duvet cover.5120x1440p 329 bamboo image

As a last resort, you can always use safety pins to hold it down. However, that may not be the safest method. The last thing you want is to wake up to undone pins poking you all over.

Material quality and stitching

Like all other materials, the cheapest bamboo duvet cover doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a drop in quality. Sometimes even the heavily overpriced products are made from lower quality materials than their more budget-friendly competitors.

The best bamboo duvet covers that have optimal comfort have a high thread count in addition to high-quality material. Premium covers are made with longer fibers. If you purchase a premium cover, it’ll only get stronger and softer over time. These products can typically last up to two decades.


When looking at bamboo duvet covers, you’ll find that they come with varying closure types. These can include ties, buttons, flaps or zippers.

Anwar Ali soomro

Anwar Ali soomro


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