Bird's Nest "White Gold from the Sea"

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Bird's Nest "White Gold from the Sea"


            Bird’s Nests are found at places where there are vast oceans and sea with mountains and cliffs, mainly found in south of Asia, such as Thailand. Bird’s Nest is the digested intake of a bird species known as Swallow birds, or Swifts. They are very unique birds with short bills, wide mouths, very small and weak feet and long crescent-shaped wings. This makes them excellent at flying and provides incredible endurance; in fact they hold the world record for being capable of 40 hours non-stop flight. Their average lifespan varies from 10 to 20 years. These birds have the special ability to make a nest from the vast supplies of marine life in the sea after digesting them. They have been known for centuries to give regular consumers miraculous health and increased well-being.

             In ancient China, due to their rarity, bird’s nest was considered fit only for the Emperor’s consumption. After many classical Chinese books about healthy food were written, Swallow Nests were imported to China from the Southeast Asian region since the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618 – 907).

             Hundreds of years later, Swallow Nests is still commonly accepted in China as an exclusive dish that has medical uses and health enhancing effects, such as slowing down the aging process, a rejuvenating agent. Swallow Nests also act as a demulcent to the lungs and have been used in treating coughs and relieving excess phlegm.

             The protein contained in Swallow Nests is distinct in that it is mainly a biologically active protein, which has revitalizing effects to the human body. Research revealed that Swallow Nests contain small amounts of epidermal growth factor. The liquid extract of Swallow Nests can also directly stimulate cell growth and regeneration as well as enhancing the effectiveness of mitogen (the initiator in cell division). Moreover, the active protein in the nests makes it a useful tonic for people with a weak digestive system, and for those that need rapid cell regeneration and development. Some of the most recent published research is done by the biochemist Dr. Kong Yun Cheong, at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. His research confirms the high content of water-soluble glycol-protein in Swallow Nests that promotes cell division within the immune system.

             Bonback Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest Swallow’s nest farmers and manufacturers in Thailand. Bonback Co.,Ltd. ensures reliable sources for its bird's nest, which come in a wide variety of forms including boat-shape, strips, meshes, loose pieces, cake and ball-shape. Our aim is to manufacture natural, pure and superior quality bird's nest in order to meet customer demand at reasonable prices. We have specialized in providing the best quality Swallow’s nest products and the highest customer satisfaction since 1980.

             Since 1981, Bonback Co.,Ltd. has been developing it’s local bird's nest manufacturing, trading and wholesaling business in Thailand and Asia Pacific. We are the first producer of bird's nest concentrated in Thailand. The brilliant idea of the "bird's nest concentrate" is a concept that was unheard of until then. Bonback Co.,Ltd.'s rationale was that by coming up with a ready-to-eat bird's nest product, we could win over customers by offering convenience, efficacy and affordability!

             Under the Micro Biological Laboratory test, the testing result shows that there is no difference, when comparing the structure of Amino Acids in the natural bird nest and Bonback Bird's Nest. Indeed, the protein, which can be found in Bonback Bird’s Nest, comes from natural raw materials. Furthermore, testing results on Bonback Bird's Nest shows that it does not contain any bacteria and has no negative effect towards human body. Bonback Bird's Nest is hygienically sealed in a bottle with close-tight cap and specially analyzed and tested by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health in the laboratory; using high standard product testing procedures, consumers can have confidence in the quality and freshness of every bottle of our Bird's Nest products. Each bottle of Bonback Bird's Nest is sterilized and sealed in a safety cap; as such, our products remain fresh and can be kept as long as the lid is still sealed.


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